We are so impressed! FARRAGOZ Online Student Jan Hetherington from Hether & Grabchyk created this exquisite patina using recipes and methods from our Patina FINISHES Course. As a student of this course, she not only gets 12 months support when recreating 26 specific patina sample boards, but she also has the added advantage of receiving support when painting her own pieces of furniture, using these traditional recipes and methods.

Q: "I have an unpainted kitchen island that I would like to paint like this. I have tried to get this look on other furniture with normal paint, but up to now I have not been successful. Would I be able to achieve this paint finish on my kitchen island if I enrolled for the FARRAGOZ Online Course?"

Very easy and takes only a few hours to make. Best of all, it's all homemade paint!

Interest in Italian painted furniture continues to grow: A set of two polychrome commodes surpassed a $12,000 high estimate to bring $16,000 at Christies, New York, 2012

Insider Tips on how to recreate French grey patina on wood. HERE are the 11 steps I followed to create this grey paint finish.

Found this stenciled image of a bee on a French green painted wooden gatepost at the entrance of the apiary in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. 

Learn to make your own trumeau, icon, milk paint, oil paint, tempera and much more in the FARRAGOZ Online Course!

Carved, Pressed and Painted decorations on this fire surround, make for interesting detail ~ Musée Carnavalet, Paris.

Learn some of these age old skills in the FARRAGOZ Online Course.

Aged clock face and objects in our studio. To find out more about this particular clock face, go HERE

After I was recently asked by a student how she should go about recreating the weathered finish of this door, ...  

Vintage sewing thread and FARRAGOZ patina finish F142.

The art of ornamental shellwork, initially a European tradition, has been around since the early 18th century. I have developed a passion for this art and a while ago I decided it would be rather fun to combine it with my passion for producing trumeau mirrors. See the process and results HERE.

Trumeau Mirror by FARRAGOZ

This wonderful patina finish was created by FARRAGOZ Online Student, Martha Guillory. See more beautiful authentic looking finishes recently created by some of our online students ~ https://youtu.be/hc1mgijP9TY

With age comes patina!

Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (King of the Franks) equestrian Statue in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Faded greys and blues on handpainted chairs at the Marché aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt (Saint-Ouen Flea Market) in Paris.

Beautiful patina on this well preserved painted sculpture from the Middle Ages ~ Cluny Museum, Paris.

This old building all dressed in pink, in Le Puy-en-Velay, France, caught my eye. Note how the the paint colours have faded and worn to different shades.

Over 20 years ago this lamp base started off green and fresh-faced. That's the way it's always been until last week when I discovered it while rummaging through old boxes. 

Can I make this myself?
FARRAGOZ: "The large drawer in the middle, makes this piece different. It gives you 3 different canvasses on the front showing unique patterns. Taking an old chest of drawers with 4 drawers and joining the 2 middle drawers is what I would do. Round the corners with a file. Add feet details cut with a jigsaw. Then paint. Top is heavily distressed. Would work very well in a kitchen. Could even bleach the top and use it as a chopping board."

If you are dying to recreate that old crusty, chippy paint look of antique painted furniture on brand new pieces, but can't figure out how, then this is for you.

Constantly collecting and photographing interesting vintage and antique objects to study their patina.

This polychrome wooden sculpture, depicting Saint Germain l'Auxerrois and dated xv th century, can be found in the Church of Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois  in Paris.