Insider Tips on how to recreate French grey patina on wood. HERE are the 11 steps I followed to create this grey paint finish.

Very easy and takes only a few hours to make. Best of all, it's all homemade paint!

Painted to the top and front with flowers, the interior with a candlebox, the underside of the lid with partly illegible pencil inscription

Inspirational curiosities to be found in Paris antique shops.

Faded grandeur at the Palace of Versailles!

This mirror was created and painted by FARRAGOZ, using our casein paint recipe.

Aged clock face and objects in our studio. To find out more about this particular clock face, go HERE

These are a few of my favourite things ~ Mother nature's generous gifts of small treasures with patina and textures to inspire, alongside a most treasured drawing of myself, done by the renowned British artist Paul Emsley back in 1990. View some of Paul Emsley's exquisite works at

A farrago of old signs, iron work, lights and architectural decorations, adorn the Passage des Panoramas in Paris.

We have added an extra finish to the existing 24 finishes of the FARRAGOZ Patina FINISHES Course!

Spotted this beautiful crest in an antique shop on the Quai Malaquai in Paris.

I came across this in an article about what your treasures are worth, in an old Metropolitan Home magazine. I thought this would be something interesting to share with you as you can make this. Go HERE for more info.

Grinling Gibbons' wood carvings at Hampton Court Palace are some of the finest works by the grand master of the art form.

Beautiful mural in the Cluny Museum, Paris. 

Hand made from scratch in the FARRAGOZ Patina PROJECTS Course in which students learn how to MAKE, APPLY and DISTRESS their own paints, to create a rich patina that looks authentically old.

FARRAGOZ Moodboard of a chair spotted at the Palace of Versailles.

Learn how to emulate patina of antique painted furniture, using FARRAGOZ recipes and techniques. More details HERE.

FARRAGOZ Patina PROJECTS Course - Module Icon.  In this Module you will learn how to make wood stain and oil paints from natural products, using original old recipes. You will also learn to make a basic casein gesso and how to apply and prepare it for the transfer of the image. In the process of trying out these recipes and the techniques featured in our videos, you will incidentally be making an oil on board icon of Archangel Michael in the Byzantine style.

The best way to familiarise yourself with painted antiques and how their paintwork has worn over the years, is by visiting museums and taking detail photo's of as many examples as possible.

The shaped faux marble-painted top above a serpentine front with two doors painted with architectural vignettes, on bracket feet, redecorated

" One of the top lots of the sale is certain to be a finely, decorated blanket chest attributed to Johannes Rank of Dauphin (now Lebanon) County, Pennsylvania. Dated 1791, the poplar case is adorned with its original blue paint decoration and three tombstones, each with pots of flowers.  Though similar to the work of other members of the Rank-Selzer families of makers and decorators, this chest is most closely related to the signed chests of Johannes Rank and carries an estimate of $ 16,000-22,000.  " 

Make your own paint and get the authentic look!